MCQs of Repeated Analogies

mcqs of repeated analogies

Most of the students get confused whenever they see MCQs of analogies in their exams. However, in this post, you will learn the basic definition of Analogies and MCQs of repeated analogies. One who practices these repeated analogies can quickly qualify the analogy section in any competitive test of the world.

What Is An Analogy?

An analogy demonstrates the similarities between two things with the ultimate intention of illustrating the similarity.

All these MCQs can help you in different competitive exams of Pakistan and the World, such as the test of assistant director, CSS, PCS, PMS, NTS, Aptitude test, etc. You can first go through all MCQs of Repeated Analogies and then practice them in Quiz form on the last page of this post. One who practices them three times can immediately qualify for the section on Analogy.

Most Repeated MCQs of Analogies

Q. Earth: Axis:: Wheel: ____?

a)      Tire

b)      Car

c)      Road

d)     Hub

Q. Engineer: Machine:: Doctor: _________?

a)      Hospital

b)      Body

c)      Disease

d)      Medicine

Q. South: North-West:: West: ________?

a)      South West

b)      East

c)      North-East

d)      South

Q. Pride: Humility:: Desire: ____?

a)      Wish

b)     Hate

c)      Suppress

d)      Indifference

Q. Boat: Oar:: Bicycle: _______?

a)      Chain

b)     Pedal

c)      Road

d)      Wheel

Q. Much: Many:: Measure: _______?

a)      Weight

b)      Measures

c)      Calculate

d)     Count

Q. Lapse: Session:: Conclude: ____?

a)      Leave

b)      Permit

c)      Agency

d)     Policy

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