Current Affairs

Current Affairs section is an extensive section for the students. However, we have divided this section into two broad categories. 

1. Pakistan Current Affairs

2. World Current Affairs

In this manner, a student somehow prepares quickly than a single category of current affairs.

Pakistan’s Current Affairs

This section is comprised of regular news, i.e., domestic news. It includes sections:

  • All political issues in the country regularly
  • Sports news such as Pakistan team has gone outside or it is playing inside, its score, its current position
  • Current weather of the country, i.e., city-wise
  • The economic situation of the country, i.e., stock exchange of Pakistan, currency, reserves, etc
  • Religious news
  • Corona situation and other health parameters in the country
  • Fashion industry news, i.e., actors and actresses
  • Education status of the country, literary rate, employment ratio, etc
  • Infrastructure and development in the cities
  • Elections and by-elections
  • Anything which is currently happening in the country

World Affairs

  • Relation between Pakistan and other countries
  • Cooperation and treaties with Pakistan
  • Sports News, T20, Football, Hockey, etc
  • President or Priminister visit and meetings
  • FATF and its rules or any new update
  • The invention of any country on any date but the current basis
  • Corona update worldwide, i.e., mortality and vaccine 
  • Top season or movie in the film industry
  • Space or defense program and launch something
  • Any political issue at the world level
  • Change or update at secretary or general secretary level
  • Change of President or Prime Minister of a country
  • Election in any country
  • Any current news at the world level that has spotlighted

Either it is Pakistan or World-level affair, we will educate you with the help of multiple-choice questions. In this manner, you can update yourself about contemporary happenings in the country and worldwide. So, this section is available for the students of competitive exams.