Important MCQs about Hazrat Noah A.S

important mcqs about hazrat noah a.s

Islamic Studies is the major part of every competitive exam. So, if you are preparing for upcoming competitive exam which will be based on Objective type then you must go through all the important MCQs about Hazrat Noah A.S

We have tried to organize all the repeated MCQs about Hazrat Noah A.S. So, you can sit back and prepare all these Islamic studies MCQs. Once you go through these MCQs you may also check the MCQs of other prophets in the Islamic Studies section.

Most Repeated MCQs about Hazrat Noah A.S

Q. What is the name of the Prophet known as Noah in Islam?

A) Ibrahim

B) Nuh

C) Yusuf

D) Musa

Q. Where was Hazrat Noah (AS) sent as a prophet?

A) Egypt

B) Iraq

C) Arabia

D) Mesopotamia

Q. How many years did Prophet Noah (AS) spend preaching to his people?

A) 100 years

B) 500 years

C) 950 years

D) 200 years

Q. What was the main message of Prophet Noah (AS) to his people?

A) Worship idols

B) Follow Satan

C) Repent and worship one God

D) Engage in warfare

Q. How did Prophet Noah (AS) build the Ark according to Islamic tradition?

A) With steel and iron

B) By divine instruction and guidance

C) Using advanced technology

D) With the help of his followers

Q. How many levels or decks did the Ark of Prophet Noah (AS) have?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Q. Who was allowed to board the Ark along with Prophet Noah (AS)?

A) Only his family

B) Only believers

C) Only animals

D) His family, believers and a pair of every animal

Q. What natural phenomenon was the flood punishment from Allah in response to?

A) Drought

B) Earthquake

C) Heavy rainfall

D) Widespread corruption and disobedience

Q. How many sons did Prophet Noah (AS) have according to Islamic tradition?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4

Q. What was the name of the son of Prophet Noah (AS) who did not believe in his message and drowned in the flood?

A) Ham

B) Shem

C) Japheth

D) Canaan

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