Most Important MCQs about Bahrain

most important mcqs about bahrain

Many knowledge seekers are wondering for the best information about countries in the world. However, MCQs Platform has started this series of MCQs by Country. Today, we are posting the most important MCQs about Bahrain.

In this post, you will learn interesting MCQs about the Government of Bahrain, its current GDP, its current king, its current population, its upcoming election, tourist spots in Bahrain, etc. So, if you are interested in gathering general knowledge, then the MCQs Platform is the only platform where you can get country-based MCQs.

Most Repeated MCQs about Bahrain

Q.     Officially Bahrain is known as_________?

a)      Kingdom of Gulf

b)      Kingdom of Persia

c)      Bahrain Kingdom

d)     Kingdom of Bahrain

Q.     Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country in _________?

a)      South Asia

b)      East Asia

c)      West Asia

d)      North Asia

Q.     There are _______ Natural Island in Bahrain?

a)      83

b)      55

c)      50

d)      33

Q.     The current GDP of Bahrain (last recorded in 2022 by World Bank) is ___________?

a.      45.38 billion USD

b.     44.38 billion USD

c.      95.973 billion USD

d.      67.39 billion USD

Q.     The current population of Bahrain according to last record of 2022 is ____________?

a.      1.39 million

b.      1.40 million

c.      1.472 million

d.      1.497 million

Q.     When the upcoming general elections are expected in Bahrain?

a.      2024

b.      2025

c.      2026

d.      2027

Q.     What is the name of the ruling family in Bahrain that has held power since the 18th century?

a) Al Maktoum

b) Al Khalifa

c) Al Saud

d) Al Nahyan

Q.     Which city serves as the capital of Bahrain?

a) Riyadh

b) Doha

c) Manama

d) Muscat

Q.     In which year did Bahrain gain independence from the United Kingdom?

a) 1951

b) 1971

c) 1981

d) 1991

Q.     Who is the current monarch of Bahrain as of 2024?

a) King Abdullah

b) King Fahd

c) King Salman

d) King Hamad

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