Most Important MCQs about Lysistrata

most important mcqs about lysistrata

Lysistrata is one of English literature’s most famous classical and medieval dramas. It occupies a pivotal role in literature. So, we have made the most important MCQs about Lysistrata so that you can easily prepare yourself for the upcoming exams for English Literature.

Remember, if you are going to appear in any test for a Lectureship or job, you need to practice these Lysistrata MCQs thrice. It will help you qualify for the major section of English Literature tests. So, you should not forget to practice these Lysistrata MCQs.

Most Repetitive MCQs of Lysistrata

Q.1   Who is the author of “Lysistrata”?

A. Sophocles

B. Euripides

C. Aristophanes

D. Aeschylus

Q.2   What is the central theme of “Lysistrata”?

A. Anti-war

B. Love and betrayal

C. Fate vs. free will

D. Justice and revenge

Q.3   Who is the main character in “Lysistrata”?

A. Myrrhine

B. Lampito

C. Lysistrata

D. Calonice

Q.4   What is Lysistrata’s plan to end the Peloponnesian War?

A. Overthrow the government

B. Negotiate peace treaties

C. Destroy the enemy’s supplies

D. Organize a sex strike

Q.5   Which city-state is Lysistrata from?

A. Sparta

B. Corinth

C. Athens

D. Thebes

Q.6   Who is the leader of the Spartan women in the play?

A. Myrrhine

B. Calonice

C. Lampito

D. Kleonike

Q.7   Where do the women in “Lysistrata” hold their meeting?

A. The marketplace

B. The Acropolis

C. Lysistrata’s house

D. The city gates

Q.8   What is the primary weapon used by the women in their strike?

A. Poison

B. Swords

C. Sexual abstinence

D. Fire

Q.9   What do the women seize to gain leverage over the men?

A. The city treasury

B. The Acropolis

C. The armory

D. The marketplace

Q.10   Who is the comedic foil to Lysistrata’s serious demeanor?

A. Myrrhine

B. Calonice

C. Lampito

D. The Commissioner

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