Dr. Faustus MCQs

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MCQs of Doctor Faustus

1. Dr. Faustus was an ambitious person who wanted to gain supernatural powers. He had mastered the field of learning including logic, medicine, law, and……

a) Biology

b) Chemistry

c) Astrology

d) Theology

2. He (dr) was willing to gain supernatural powers. He maintained friendly relations with Cornelius and Valdes to learn……

a) Astronomy

b) Black Magic

c) Supernatural Spells

d) Spirituality

3. ….……..appeared in front of Faustus in the disguise of a Franciscan friar.

a) Cornelius

b) Valdes

c) Mephastophilis

d) Lucifer

4. He (dr) was informed that he had to seek help from……….the ruler of hell for gaining supernatural powers.

a) Lucifer

b) Mephastophils

c) Belzebub

d) Devil

5. An agreement was done between Dr. Faustus and……..that he would enjoy the supernatural powers for twenty-four years only.

a) Franciscan Friar

b) Lucifer

c) Satan

d) Mephastophilis

6. It is a Greek tradition that the story of a drama is introduced by a ……..before the first scene is enacted. Similarly, the story of Dr. Faustus was introduced by a…….

a) director

b) host

c) chorus 

d) singer

7. Satan usually engraves a certain mark on the body parts of a person who goes under his influence. Dr also has the words “fly-man” on his arm in…..language.

a) Hebrew

b) Latin

c) Greek

d) Roman

8. The play Dr. Faustus becomes more interesting when the Clown has to become a servant of Wagner under duress. Duress in law means……

a) willingly

b) unwillingly

c) forcibly

d) conditionally

9. Despite Faustus had gone under the influence of Satan and gained supernatural powers but ……. was not allowed to tell Dr. Faustus who made this world.

a) the Clown

b) Lucifer

c) Belzebub

d) Mephastophilis

10. Satan is an outlaw in a great universal scheme. However, he follows some self-made rules; for example, introducing humans to God is against his……as it has been mentioned in the play Dr. Faustus.

a) Principle

b) Kingdom

c) Will

d) Consent

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