Anglo Saxon History Of English Literature

Anglo Saxon History falls in English Literature history. All those students who prepare themselves for history of English Literature can practice these mcqs. We have tried to include all mcqs of Anglo Saxon history. So, you can practice them well.

MCQs of Anglo Saxon History

1. Anglo Saxon period expands from 5h century to …..

a) 1165

b) 1066

c) 1030

d) 1140

2. The researchers have been working deeply on Anglo Saxon Literature and have found ….. verified manuscript.

a) 200

b) 300

c) 400

d) 500

3. There is a large rich literature belonging to the Anglo Saxon era; the poem that has achieved the national epic status in England is …..

a) Beowulf

b) Caedmon’s Hymn

c) Seafarer

d) The Wanderer

4. Old English was necessarily brought into written form in Britain after …… invasion.

a) Roman

b) French

c) Iranian

d) Danish

5. No doubt, the old English was brought into written form as the officials of…… were afraid of losing their work if not preserved in written form.

a) Court

b) Church

c) Army

d) Literary board

6. The role of King Alfred the Great in preserving Old English is very significant. His period starts from 849A.D to……A.D

a) 899

b) 912

c) 880

d) 901

7. While reading through Anglo Saxon history, a reader comes to know that Old English poetry is of ……types.

a) Eight

b) Ten

c) Two

d) Six

8. Old English Poetry written in heroic Germanic Pre-Christian and Christian types survives majorly in…..manuscripts.

a) Four

b) Eight

c) Five

d) Three

9. While reading through Anglo Saxon history, you come to know that the well-known manuscript is Junius Manuscript. It is also called as………. manuscript.

a) Holy

b) Great

c) Caedmon

d) Alfred

10. The Old English poetry comprises no known rules; it is understood under the modern………

a) Theory

b) Rules

c) Terms

d) Analysis