Anglo Saxon History Of English Literature

71. Pastoral Care was translated by King Alfred the Great. The text discusses the ….of Christianity.

a) Principles

b) Beliefs

c) Essentials

d) Standards

72. Ecclesiastical History of …… was the second text that was translated by King Alfred the Great. The book asks common people to know their history.

a) East

b) England

c) Europe

d) Earth

73. King Alfred the Great’s third contribution to English Literature was the text” History of the……It contained a lot of knowledge for people of England and abroad.

a) Enemies

b) Universe

c) Wars

d) World

74. The two other books associated with King Alfred the Great are De Consolation Philosophic and ……..the former text contains sorrows of humans, and the latter contains the departure of humans from this world.

a) Soliloquia

b) Foreign invasion

c) Philosophic Christianity

d) Soul’s Revival  

75. While researching about Anglo Saxon prose, it is necessary to discover Aelfric who was a ……in a monastic school.

a) Monk

b) Scholar

c) Guardian

d) Parson

76. Two great texts “ Culloquim, and Catholic Homilies” provided Aelfric the status of a……….. in Anglo Saxon Literature.

a) True Christian

b) Preacher

c) Prose writer

d) Poet

77. The great prose writer of Anglo Saxon Literature Aelfric became the Abbot of Eynsham in ……

a) 1020

b) 1015

c) 1010

d) 1005

78. The third major prose writer of Anglo Saxon Literature was Wulfstan. He had been archbishop in York from 1002 to …….

a) 1036

b) 1023

c) 1033

d) 1024

79. No doubt, Wulfstan created the best Anglo Saxon Literature; the patriotic zeal was aroused in him by ….

a) Roman invasion

b) French invasion

c) Danish invasion

d) Russian invasion

80. Undoubtedly, Wulfstan is recognized for his homilies. However, the best of all is the homily…………..

a) Sernwlupaid—Angles

b) Heavenly Joys

c) Hellish Horrors

d) Death song