Anglo Saxon History Of English Literature

11. To understand Old English Poetry, One has to read Beowulf; it comprises …

a) Five

b) Two

c) Three

d) Six

12. There are many interesting facts about the heroic poem Beowulf; for example, it was not available in printed form until……

a) 1645

b) 1942

c) 1815

d) 1720

13. The heroic poem called Beowulf Manuscript has a well-knitted plot. The poem opens in…….

a) Denmark

b) Sweden

c) Italy

d) Britain

14. The country where the poem opens was under the rule of ……… as it has been mentioned in the poem.

a) King Stephen

b) King Harry 11

c) King William

d) King Hrothgar

15. While reading through the poem Beowulf, you come to know that people in the country were living under the terror of a monster called……

a) Scylla

b) Krakan

c) Grendel

d) Blantant

16. The monster had been terrorizing people for 12 years as it had been carrying off the …….. of  King Hrothgar.

a) Princes

b) Warrior 

c) People

d) Courtiers

17. ….….. was the prince of Southern Sweden (then called Geats) who offers his armed services to King Hrothgar. He was offering his services to fight against the monster.

a) Cynewulf

b) Bede

c) Beowulf

d) Caedmon

18. What was the thing that amazed King Hrothgar about the offer of the prince?

a) Prince’s courage

b) Prince’s offer was childish

c) Prince was naive about fighting

d) Prince’s innocent face

19. The poem becomes very interesting when a reader comes to know that the prince eventually encounters the monster and pulled off one of its…….

a) Legs

b) Hands

c) Feet

d) Nails

20. Despite the monster, Grendel had been killed by the prince; the monster’s……. was even worse than it. It comes to avenge the death of Grendel.

a) Brother

b) Father

c) Mother 

d) Sister