Anglo Saxon History Of English Literature

41. Cynewulf is declared the second Anglo Saxon poet after Caedmon that wrote old English…….. verses.

a) Heroic

b) Christian

c) Jewish

d) Medieval

42. People interested in Anglo Saxon poetry come to know that Christian poetry traces back its history in around ……..century.

a) 5th

b) 6th

c) 7th

d) 8th  

43. While reading through Anglo Saxon History, you come to know that people identify Cynewulf with two different persons; first Cynewulf, ……of Lindisfarne, the second Cynewulf is a priest of Dunwich.

a) Bishop

b) Parson

c) Archbishop

d) Historian

44. No doubt, Cynewulf’s four poems are considered the masterpieces of Anglo-Saxon Literature. Cynewulf had great command over ……

a) Depicting personalities

b) Rhetoric

c) Metaphor

d)  Allegory

45. The modern analysts, however, consider Cynewulf’s work below the level of ……for many reasons; for example, the latter is dramatic and heroic indeed.

a) Bede’s work

b) Caedmon’s work

c) Beowulf

d) Alfred

46. Some people think that Cynewulf had been serving in the court of Northumbrian kings. He turned ……at a young age and continued to write poetry all his life.

a) Minister

b) Priest

c) Social worker

d) Christian

47. The modern Analysts have been researching Cynewulf’s work and have associated …… lines of poetry to him in the end.

a) 6020

b) 2600

c) 6200

d) 6002

48. The four poems that have been associated with Cynewulf are “Elene”, “Julia”, “Fates of the Apostles” and ………

a) Chronicles

b) The Wife’s Lament

c) Christ

d) Riddles

49. Though the work of Cynewulf is very limited as compared to the other poets of the Anglo Saxon Period; his work like “Fate of the Apostles” assumes great importance; however, it reaches us in …….

a) Prose

b) Fragments

c) Riddles

d) Oral traditions

50. Despite four poems being exactly associated with Cynewulf, a fifth poem” Dream of the Road” is also associated with him…..

a) ambiguously

b) by all

c) Caedmon

d) modern analysts