MCQs of Computer

MCQs of Computer are available for the students and candidates. Apart from it, this section is for the exams of general recruitment test. So, all general and important mcqs you can find here. You can practice well untill you get command over it.

Computer MCQs

1.       Charles Babbage is the father of ____________?

a.       Hard Drive

b.      WWW

c.       Computer

d.      IBM


2.       Vint Cerf is the father of _______________?

a.       Computer language

b.      Internet

c.       Computer

d.      NOT


3.       ____________ is the brain of computer system?

a.       Monitor

b.      Processor

c.       CPU

d.      AOT


4.       Arithmetic Logic Unit and Control Unit are the component of _________?

a.       Monitor

b.      CPU

c.       Both a and b

d.      NOT


5.       Spam may also be called as ___________?

a.       Error

b.      Junk e-mail

c.       Trash

d.      NOT


6.       For copying material, which short keys can be used from the keyboard?

a.       Ctrl + B

b.      Ctrl + V

c.       Ctrl + C

d.      NOT


7.       A copied material can also be pasted through keyboard short keys.

a.       Ctrl + C

b.      Ctrl + V

c.       Ctrl + R

d.      NOT


8.       You can undo with which of the following short keys

a.       Ctrl + N

b.      Ctrl + Z

c.       Ctrl + C

d.      NOT


9.       John Napier developed logarithm in year _________?

a.       1401

b.      1613

c.       1614

d.      1631


10.   The first generation computer was _____________?

a.       Macintosh

b.      IBM

c.       EDSAC

d.      ICL-2901