MCQs of Pakistan Studies

MCQs of Pakistan Studies are available for students preparing for competitive exams. It is no more difficult now to prepare Pakistan studies section. Similarly, we will add all sections of Pak studies. So, you can enjoy all mcqs.

Pakistan Studies MCQs

1.       Which of the following official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

a.       United Nation of Pakistan

b.      Islamic Republic of Pakistan

c.       Islamic Pakistan

d.      Modern Pakistan


2.       Mohammad Ali Bogra presented his Bogra formula in the Assembly in _________?

a.       October 1952

b.      October 1953

c.       November 1952

d.      November 1953


3.       ____________ is also known as the Bogra Formula?

a.       Nehru report

b.      Third circular meeting

c.       Constitutional formula

d.      Modern Law of Pakistan


4.       In the 1973 constitution of Pakistan, it has __________ articles

a.       135

b.      240

c.       280

d.      110


5.       After how many years the first constitution of Pakistan was made?

a.       8 years

b.      4 years

c.       9 years

d.      NOT


6.       Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim League in __________?

a.       1929

b.      1939

c.       1949

d.      NOT


7.       When the first coin of Pakistan was issued?

a.       2nd January 1948

b.      3rd January 1948

c.       6th April 1948

d.      NOT


8.       Who prepared the National Flag of Pakistan?

a.       Muhammad Anwar

b.      Ameer-ud-din Qadwai

c.       Chaudhary Rehmat Ali

d.      NOT


9.       Which of the following is the national bird of Pakistan?

a.       Markhor

b.      Crow

c.       Chakor

d.      NOT


10.   Name the founder of Daily English Newspaper Dawn?

a.       Chaudhary Rehmat Ali

b.      Quaid-e-Azam

c.       Muhammad Ali Bogra

d.      NOT

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