Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs

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MCQs of Pakistan Current Affairs

1.       According to Rule of Law Index, Pakistan has been ranked ____________ out of 139 countries?

a.       139

b.      129

c.       130

d.      128


2.       Recently which country pledged to support Pakistan financially?

a.       United Arab Emirates

b.      Saudi Arabia

c.       Turkey

d.      NOT


3.       Today, on first November, FM Shah Mahmoud Qureshi and his ______ counterpart Marise Payne. They discussed about the bilateral relation and regional cooperation.

a.       Turkish

b.      Australian

c.       Russian

d.      NOT


4.       Saudi Arabia has promised to give ___________ to assist Pakistan.

a.       $3.2 Billion

b.      $2.2 Billion

c.       4.2 Billion

d.      NOT


5.       Pakistan and Namibia has cricket match on __________ November, 2021?

a.       1st

b.      2nd

c.       3rd

d.      NOT


6.       Until now, Pakistan has won ________ out of 3 cricket matches in Twenty20 international 2021?

a.       1

b.      2

c.       3

d.      NOT


7.       Pakistan and Namibia are going to play cricket match ________ stadium of Abu Dhabi?

a.       Zayed Cricket

b.      Al‑Jazira Mohammed Bin Zayed

c.       Tolerance Oval

d.      NOT


8.       Who is the current cricket game captain of Pakistan?

a.       Shaheen Afreedi

b.      Imad Wasim

c.       Babar Azam

d.      Fakhar Zaman


9.       Who is the current advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan?

a.       Sheikh Rasheed

b.      Zulfi Bukhari

c.       Assad Kaiser

d.      Mr. Shaukat Tarin


10.   Who is the current interior minister of Pakistan?

a.       Sheikh Rasheed

b.      Mirza Shahzad Akbar

c.       Mr. Pervez Khattak

d.      Syed Amin Ul Haque