MCQs of General English

Mcqs of General English is the most important section for all competitive exams. All students, who has applied in competitive exams, they should go through all these mcqs of English. Once you practice these mcqs, you can easily qualify your English section so, you must try again and again.

However, One can divide General English section in the following way for their preparation:

Types of SentencesSynonyms and Antonyms
Change of VoiceDirect and Indirect
Conditional SentencesParts of Speech
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General English MCQs

1.       If Ali had time, Ali _______ shopping with us

a.       Would have gone

b.      Will go

c.       Would go

d.      NOT


2.       If Ahmed had worked harder at school, he _______ a better job now

a.       Would

b.      Would have

c.       Would had

d.      NOT


3.       I said to him, ‘what are you doing?’

a.       I asked him what he was doing.

b.      I asked him what is doing

c.       I asked him what was he doing

d.      I asked him if what he was doing


4.       The earn __________ round the sun

a.       Moves

b.      Runs

c.       Both a and b

d.      NOT


5.       America has _______________ that it had pulled all its troops from Afghanistan.

a.       Announces

b.      Announced

c.       Had announced

d.      NOT


6.       Which tense is used in the given sentence:
Ali will talk to you later

a.       Present

b.      Future

c.       Past

d.      NOT


7.       He has always been very found _____ his mother.

a.       To

b.      From

c.       Of

d.      NOT


8.       John was afraid ________ his parents.

a.       Of

b.      From

c.       To

d.      NOT


9.       He repairs the car (change its voice).

a.       The car was repaired by he.

b.      The car is repaired by him.

c.       He repaired his car.

d.      NOT


10.   Synonyms of Succinct

a.       Vague

b.      Unclear

c.       Clear and concise

d.      NOT