MCQs of Everyday Science

MCQs of Everyday Science are available for all students. They can prepare for their competitive exams. This section will help candidates for their everyday science section. I assure you to qualify your exam if you practice these mcqs regularly.

Everyday Science MCQs

1.       The scientific study of birds is called as _______________?

a.       Oncology

b.      Psychology

c.       Ornithology

d.      Mycology


2.       The SI Unit of charge is ______________?

a.       Ohm

b.      Fahrenheit

c.       Resistance

d.       Coulomb


3.       Which one of the following is the most abundant element in the universe?

a.       Silicon

b.      Hydrogen

c.       Carbon Monoxide

d.      NOT


4.       If a prism is placed before the white light, it will split into _______ colours?

a.       3

b.      4

c.       5

d.      7


5.       How many days red blood cell can survive?

a.       5-20 days

b.      120 days

c.       17 days

d.      NOT


6.       Which one of the following planet is nearest to earth?

a.       Mercury

b.      Jupiter

c.       Venus

d.      Moon


7.       The planet nearest to sun is __________________?

a.       Mercury

b.      Venus

c.       Mars

d.      NOT


8.       The scientific study of cancer is called as ________________?

a.       Ornithology

b.      Oncology

c.       Physics

d.      Microbiology


9.       Which planet on the earth can easily be visible?

a.       Mars

b.      Venus

c.       Jupiter

d.      Mercury


10.   How many planets we can see without Telescope?

a.       1

b.      3

c.       5

d.      7