MCQs of General Knowledge

MCQs of General Knowledge section is the most important part. Every student who would like to appear in any exam of general recruitment must go through this section. It will assist students to qualify general knowledge section.

General Knowledge MCQs

1.       Which one of the following is the largest sea in the world?

a.       Coral sea

b.      Philippine sea

c.       Arabian sea

d.      NOT


2.       Which is the smallest sea in the world?

a.       Baltic sea

b.      Arabian sea

c.       Philippine sea

d.      AOT


3.       Name the largest ocean of the world?

a.       Atlantic ocean

b.      Pacific ocean

c.       Arctic ocean

d.      Indian ocean


4.       Which of the following one is the smallest ocean in the world?

a.       Indian ocean

b.      Arctic ocean

c.       Atlantic ocean

d.      NOT


5.       Name the smallest city in the world?

a.       Opatowiec city

b.      Vatican City

c.       Adamstown

d.      Hum


6.       Which is the largest city in the world?

a.       New York

b.      Shanghai

c.       Delhi

d.      Tokyo


7.       Most populated city in the world is ___________?

a.       Shanghai

b.      Tokyo

c.       Nairobi

d.      Delhi


8.       The low populated country in the world is _____________?

a.       Vatican city

b.      San Marino

c.       Monaco

d.      Dominica


9.       Which country is going to host Olympics for 2024?

a.       France

b.      USA

c.       UK

d.      India


10.   Which of the following is the capital of Canada?

a.       Canberra

b.      Ottawa

c.       Tokyo

d.      Toronto