The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native is a novel in English Literature. You can practice the MCQs of this novel. Apart from this, you can also prepare mcqs of other novels of your course outline.
You can qualify your upcoming exams if you practice it three times atleast.

MCQs of The Return of the Native

The Return of the Native is the most popular novel by Thomas Hardy. The novel was published in the year……

a) 1840

b) 1878

c) 1900

d) 1877

2. The literary work of Thomas Hardy is undoubtedly acknowledged; however, he started his professional career as a ……at the age of 22 years in London.

a) Draftsman

b) Postman

c) Washer-man

d) Fisherman

3. Thomas Hardy was inclined to religion and English Literature side by side doing his professional duties; he started writing………that could not receive much acceptance.

a) Poetry

b) Hymns

c) Sermons

d) Autobiography

4. The Return of the Native is the novel that almost entirely takes place in the ……

a) South London

b) Ireland

c) Egdon Heath

d) Dullsville

5. Thomas Hardy started publishing his novel “The Return of the Native’ in episodes in the Magazine called…….famous for its sensationalism.

a) Pravda

b) The Sun

c) Bulivia

d) Belgravia

6. Introducing Venn, a character in the novel”The Return of the Native”, Thomas Hardy tells that he was a reddleman; supplying farmers with a red mineral called….

a) Seeps

b) Reddle

c) Crams

d) Reels

7. Thomasin is a female character in the novel who is going to marry Wildeve, a … famous for his fickleness.

a) Jeweler

b) Blacksmith

c) Innkeeper

d) Carpenter

8. No doubt, Thomas Hardy has great expertise in describing characters he has drawn in the novel” The Return of the Native” for example, he describes Mrs. Yeobright as an overall good woman but proud and ……

a) Inflexible 

b) Jealous

c) Miser  

d) Haughty

9. Even critics acknowledge Thomas Hardy’s characterization. Eustacia is the main female character in the novel that impresses the readers with her exotic beauty and …..

a) Anger

b) Vanity  

c) Truthfulness

d) Ambitions 

10. As the novel progresses, the characters in the novel start exposing themselves by their actions; for example, Eustacia’s true nature exposes to the reader when she rejects Wildeve for Clym as he was a ………

a) Diamond Merchant

b)  Feudal

c) landlord

d) Trader