Gulliver’s Travels MCQs

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Gulliver’s Travels MCQs

1. The book that has always been a center of interest for children and adults alike is undoubted “Gulliver’s Travels” first published in the year……

a) 1712

b) 1720

c) 1726

d) 1736

2. The book titled Gulliver’s Travel fascinates a reader with a variety of adventurous stories. The reader certainly wants to know about the age of the writer when he made this book public.

a) 58

b) 50

c) 48

d) 60

3. Jonathan Swift was born on November 30th, 1667 in ………in the Kingdom of …

a) London, England

b) Washington, America

c) Canberra, Australia

d) Dublin, Ireland

4. To the reader’s amazement, a hidden fact is revealed to the Swift’s lovers that he was an Anglican Clergyman who became a Dean of St. Patrick’s …….

a) School

b) Cathedral

c) College

d) University

5. A person taking great interest in English Literature certainly wants to know about the period through which Jonathan Swift lived. For readers’ information, he lived through…

a) Renaissance period

b) Restoration period

c) Jacobean period

d) Elizabethan period

6. The adventurous book Gulliver’s Travel is the masterpiece of a writer who was in real terms a man of letters; Swift was awarded the degree under the title of “Doctor of Divinity” in the year…..

a) 1705

b) 1697

c) 1701

d) 1690

7. The period Jonathan Swift lived through comprises a variety of characteristics that reflect in his work; for example, social and political conflicts, and …..

a) Realism

b) Idealism

c) Imperialism

d) Materialism

8. The revolutionary changes occurred during swift’s time, for example, the rise of Neo-Classicism, imitation of ancients, and reopening of ……

a) Art colleges

b) Orphanage

c) Schools

d) Theaters  

9. The book that took Swift to the heights of glory is undoubted “Gulliver’s Travel” however, Swift is also known for his books including A Modest Proposal, the Battle of the Books, and ………., etc.

a) A Tale of Tub

b) Animal farm

c) Time machine

d) Back to Future

10. While reading through Gulliver’s Travel, a reader not only gets amused but also experiences a thought-provoking………

a) Comedy

b) Hyperbole

c) Satire

d) personification