Anglo Saxon History Of English Literature

31. Venerable Bede was not only a poet but also a ………as there is a lot of work in prose attributed to his name in Old English.

a) Merchant

b) Historian

c) Playwright

d) Civil servant

32. Bede loved writing, he wrote his first work with the title the De Arte Matrica in the year…..A.D.

a) 711

b) 710

c) 706

d) 701

33. Bede was a multi-talented person who work on a variety of subjects, for example, his work on grammar, chronology….. studies.

a) Biological

b) Biblical 

c) Ventral

d) Astronomical

34. Bede’s work was is not only in written form but also came to people through……for example physical appearance of Paulinus of York.

a) Oral tradition

b) Symbols

c) Drawing

d) Portraits

35. Despite the Anglo Saxon literature has been considered to be difficult to read, however, Bede’s work is easier than the work of …….to be read and understood.

a) Wulfstan

b) Caedmon

c) Aldhelm

d) Cynewulf

36. The longest manuscript in the Anglo Saxon literature is considered to be Beowulf; it comprises …….lines.

a) 4186

b) 5628

c) 6712

d) 3182

37. The researchers have discovered a variety of Anglo Saxon literary works; for example, a manuscript comprises just 53 lines (the shortest ever work) having cries of a wife with the title….

a) A Wailing Wife

b) The Wife’s Lament

c) A Wife’s cry

d) A Wife Moans

38. One of the Jewel in the Crown of Anglo Saxon Literature is The Exeter Book comprising several……

a) Stories

b) Riddles

c) Poems

d) Biographies

39. Several manuscripts beautifully represent the Anglo Saxon Literature, for example, a poem with 124 lines has the title “The Seafarer” the story of a

a) Captain

b) Pirate

c) Sailor

d) Fisherman

40. “Wanderer” is another poem with 115 lines considered to be the remarkable work done in the Anglo Saxon Literature is a story of a man looking into the…..

a) Past 

b) Future

c) Deep waters

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