Most Repeated MCQs on Islamic Events

Do you know? All the examiners of competitive exams ask one or two MCQs on Islamic event. So, we have sorted out the most repeated MCQs on Islamic Events here. You might have watched questions in previous tests of Islamic studies tests about Hijri or year. All these important MCQs of Hijra or year according to Islamic calendar are provided here.

If you are a student and going to prepare for the competitive exam of any department or institute then you must go through these important MCQs on Islamic events. These question may secure you cash marks for the entry test, jobs, and competitive positions in government sector as well as private sector. So, you must practice these question before appearing in exam hall. All these repeated MCQs on Islamic Events are also asked in the previous papers. So, you should practice them well.

Repeated MCQs on Islamic Events

Q. The construction of Masjid-e-Nabvi started in Rabiulawal, _____ Hijra?

a)     1st

b)      2nd

c)      3rd

d)      4th

Q. The Hajj was made compulsory in ______ Hijrah?

a)      3rd

b)      5th

c)      7th

d)     9th

Q. When the laws of inheritance were revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

a)      4 A.H

b)     3 A.H

c)      2 A.H

d)      1 A.H

Q. Hazral Muhammad PBUH peformed 4th Umrah in _______ Hijrah?

a)      4th

b)      6th

c)      8th

d)     10th

Q. Jang Badar occurred in _______?

a)     2nd A.H

b)      3rd A.H

c)      4th A.H

d)      5th A.H

Q. The first Ghazwa of Islam was Widan (Abwa) fought on __________?

a)     1st Hijrah

b)      2nd Hijrah

c)      4th Hijrah

d)      3rd Hijrah

Q. Hazrat Amer bin Al-Aas R.A embraced Islam in ______ Hijrah.

a)      1st

b)      3rd

c)      5th

d)     7th

Q. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH addressed Khutba-e-Jum’aa for the first time in ____ Hijra.

a)      9th

b)      8th

c)      2nd

d)     1st

Q. When change of Qibla occurred________?

a)      4th A.H

b)      3rd A.H

c)      2nd A.H

d)      1st A.H

Q. In which Hijrah, the Islamic Official Seal started?

a)     7 A.H

b)      6 A.H

c)      5 A.H

d)      9 A.H

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