30 Important MCQs About Hazrat Umar RA

30 important mcqs about hazrat umar ra

It seems you are looking so confused about your upcoming tests in FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, then don’t worry. We have made 30 Important MCQs about Hazrat Umar RA. These MCQs have also come in previous papers. So, if you would like to learn these MCQs in video lecture then learn at _________________, and the simply practice in quiz shape at the last page of this post.
Apart from this, if you don’t know about Hazrat Abu Bakar who was the first Caliph of Islam then you can learn all important points about Hazrat Abu Bakar in video lecture at _______ and then practice all 25 important MCQs about Hazrat Abu Bakar RA in quiz shape at the end of this post given.

Most Repeated MCQs About Hazrat Umar RA

1.      Hazrat Umar was elected as _____ Caliph?

a.      1st

b.      2nd

c.      3rd

d.      4th

2.      Hazrat Umar RA was born on______?

a.      573

b.      572

c.      583

d.      581

3.      The correct date of death of Hazrat Umar RA __________?

a.      August 23, 644

b.      November 3, 644

c.      August 23, 634

d.      NOT

4.      Who was the father of Hazrat Umar RA_______?

a.      Amar bin Umro

b.      Al-Khattab ibn Nufayl

c.      Nafeel bin Abdul Uzza

d.      NOT

5.      What was the name of Grandfather of Hazrat Umar RA?

a.      Amar bin Umro

b.      Nafeel bin Abdul Uzza

c.      Al-Khattab ibn Nufayl

d.      Abu Quhafah

6.      Who was the mother of Hazrat Umar RA?

a.      Hazrat Haleema

b.      Salma bint Sakhar bin Amer

c.      Halima bint Sakhar

d.      Hantamah bint Hisham

7.      Hazrat Umar RA remained the second caliph for the period of_______?

a.      2.5 years

b.      12.5 years

c.      10.5 years

d.      NOT

8.      Hazrat Umar RA was given the title of ___________?

a.      Ghani

b.      Al Farooq

c.      Ameer-ul-Momineen

d.      Jami ul Quran

e.      Both b and c

9.      In the reign of Hazrat Umar RA, _____ was came under Muslim Dynasty?

a.      Syria

b.      Iraq

c.      Both a and b

d.      NOT

10.   Hazrat Umar belonged to _______ tribe?

a.      Bannu Ummaya

b.      Bannu Addi

c.      Both a and b

d.      NOT