MCQs About Northern Areas of Pakistan

I know most of the people have been to the Northern Areas of Pakistan but very few people have information about Pakistan’s Northern Areas. So, we have researched and organized all important MCQs about Northern Areas of Pakistan. You can memorize all of them with the following steps:

How To Memorize All These MCQs About Northern Areas of Pakistan

It is very simple to memorize these MCQs. Initially you should watch this video we have made about Norther Areas of Pakistan. We have given all important facts about them. Once you go through the video, you should watch these MCQs once. At the end, you should practice these MCQs in quiz form that are available at the last MCQs of this post. It is mentioned as Start Quiz MCQs about Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Most Repeated MCQs About Pakistan’s Northern Areas

1.      Name the Highway which connects Pakistan with China?

(a)    Silk Road

(b)    Khunjrab Road

(c)    G.T. Road

(d)    d) Karakoram

2.      At the Pak-China border Karakoram Highway passes through:

(a)    Khunjerab Pass

(b)    Khojak Pass

(c)    Khyber Pass

(d)    Taxila

3.      The old name of Karakoram Highway is:

(a)    Silk Road

(b)    Khunjrab Road

(c)    Silk highway

(d)    None of them

4.      The Karakoram Highway starts from:

(a)    Hawelia

(b)    Hasan Abdal

(c)    Abbotabad

(d)    Taxila

5.      The Silk Road was actually a series of trade routes linking China with the:

(a)    Asia

(b)    South Asia

(c)    West

(d)    Middle East

6.      Karakoram is a Turkish word meaning:

a)      High Mountain

b)      Dangerous Mountain

c)      Crumbling Rock

d)      Not Passable Mountain

7.      12 out of the world’s highest 30 mountains are in:

a)      Himalaya

b)      Hindu Kush

c)      Pamir

d)      Karakoram

8.      Nanga Parbat is also known as:

(a)    Diamer

(b)    White mountain

(c)    Naked mountain

(d)    NOT

9.      Karakoram Highway ends at:

(a)    Sost

(b)    Khunjrab

(c)    Kashgar

(d)    Sinkiang

10.   Nanga Parbat’s nick name is:

(a)    Killer mountain

(b)    White mountain

(c)    Naked mountain

(d)    Friendly mountain

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