MCQs of Constitution

MCQs of Constitution are available for all those students who are preparing for the MCQ Based Preliminary Test or Screening test of CSS 2022. Apart from this, these MCQs will also help them in Assistant Director test and all other 15, 16, and 17 scale tests. It is necessary for the students to keep in mind these basic knowledge about the constitution of Pakistan.

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MCQs of Constitution of Pakistan

1. On which date the inaugural meeting of the 1st constitution assembly was held_______?
a. 11th August 1946
b. 11th August 1947
c. 10th August 1946
d. 10th August 1947

2. When Lord Mountbatten addressed the 1st Constitution Assembly of Pakistan at Karachi?
a. 14th August 1947
b. 15th August 1947
c. 1st September 1946
d. 3rd November 1947

3. How many additional members were made in the constitutional assembly after independence?
a. 13 (82)
b. 10 (79)
c. 20 (89)
d. NOT

4. There were ______ members in the first constituent assembly of Pakistan
a. 54
b. 69
c. 59
d. NOT

5. Who dissolved the first constituent assembly of Pakistan on 24th October 1954?
a. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
b. Ghulam Muhammad
c. Liaquat Ali Khan
d. NOT

6. The Objective Resolution was passed on __________?
a. 14th August 1949
b. 12th March 1949
c. 8th August 1949
d. NOT

7. When Muhammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra Formula __________?
a. 6th October 1953
b. 7th October 1953
c. 8th October 1956
d. 14th October 1958

8. Name the president of the first constitutional assembly of Pakistan?
a. Allama Iqbal
b. Sir Sayad Ahmed Khan
c. Quaid-e-Azam
d. Liaquat Ali Khan

9. When the second constitution of Pakistan was enforced _______?
a. 8th August 1962
b. 8th September 1962
c. 8th July 1962
d. 8th June 1962

10. Who imposed the Second Martial Law in Pakistan on 25th March 1969?
a. General Ayub Khan
b. General Pervez Musharraf
c. General Yahya Khan
d. NOT