GRE Vocabulary MCQs

GRE Vocabulary provides the most important words for all aspirants and candidates of competitive exams. Apart from this, GRE Word List is also important for common people. All synonyms and antonyms in this vocabulary section are essential for the aspirants of competitive exams such as CSS, PCS, PMS, FPSC, and other international exams.

Students should practice MCQs regularly to pass their upcoming exams easily. We will adequately organize all words of GRE so that students can improve it quickly in an easy to hard direction. We will arrange junior words, senior words, honor senior words, and additional honor senior words. So, you should follow how we provide you with these lists.

Once you follow these tricks, you will be a master of vocabulary. Similarly, you will be able to qualify for every competitive exam easily.

MCQs of GRE Vocabulary

Please select the best possible synonyms of the word asked

1. Aborigines
a. Concepts
b. Finales
c. First sculpture
d. Primitive inhabitants

2. Abeyance
a. Obey
b. Renounces
c. Excitement
d. Suspended action

3. Abjure
a. Discuss
b. Runoff secretly
c. Renounce
d. Humility

4. Ablution
a. Forgiveness
b. Dragging
c. Washing
d. Widening

5. Abortive
a. Very hard
b. Unsuccessful
c. Familiar
d. Normative

6. Abasement
a. Humiliation
b. Abettor
c. Profound
d. Censure

7. Abettor
a. Engage
b. Encourager
c. Protector
d. Decision

8. Abstruse
a. Suspended
b. Profound
c. Hanging
d. Ascended

9. Acclivity
a. Character
b. Upslope of a hill
c. Fable
d. Novel

10. Accouter
a. Encounter
b. Stop
c. Equip
d. Release