Most Repeated MCQs about Tenses

most repeated mcqs about tenses

It is the most informative post for those who are weak in English grammar. If you are also unaware of the ABC of the English language, you must go through most repeated MCQs about tenses. You will get the basic structure of English tenses. Similarly, you will learn every single tense’s structural formula and its examples. Therefore, you will learn everything one must learn about English tenses.

You may qualify for every exam of English Grammar if you go through most repeated MCQs about Tenses. They will help you to understand the rules and structural formulas of tenses in English Grammar. Most examiners ask about the basics of tenses used in English. These MCQs can help you in the tests of CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS, CTS, OTS, PTS, etc.

Repeated MCQs of Tenses

Q. In English grammar, there are _______ main types of tenses.

a)     3

b)      4

c)      12

d)      16

Q. There are total _____ tenses in English grammar.

a)      16

b)     12

c)      4

d)      3

Q. Identify the tense that doesn’t exist in English grammar.

a)      Present

b)      Past

c)      Future

d)     NOT

Q. A tense can behave in _____ formats?

a)      1

b)      2

c)      3

d)     4

Q. Identify the format that doesn’t exist in English grammar.

a)      Positive

b)      Negative

c)      Interrogative

d)      Interrogative + Negative

e)     NOT

Q. The tense that shows the current state or activity of the subject is known as_____?

a)      Future tense

b)     Past tense

c)      Present tense

d)      NOT

Q. The present tense can further be divided into _____ sub-divisions?

a)     4

b)      3

c)      2

d)      1

Q. Which of the following sub-division is not the part of present tense?

a)      Simple Present

b)      Present Continuous

c)      Present Perfect

d)     Past Perfect Continuous

Q. Identify the tense use in the following sentence:

John is running on the track.

a)      Simple Present

b)      Simple Past

c)      Present Perfect Continuous

d)     Present Continuous

Q. Name the sub-division of the present tense in which the action is continuing at the present moment.

a)      Simple present

b)     Present Continuous

c)      Present Perfect

d)      Present Perfect Continuous

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