MCQs of Early Period

mcqs of early period
(The Period Starts from Beginning to 1550 A.D.)

Historical Perspective and Background in the History of English Literature. These MCQs of Early Period are counted as the most important section of English Literature in which you will learn the early period that starts from Beginning to 1550 AD. So, if you are preparing yourself for competitive exams or tests then you must go through these important MCQs of Early Period.

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Most Repeated MCQs of Early Period

Q. Who defined literature as “the humanization of the whole world”?

a)      Chaucer

b)      Plato

c)      Goethe

d)      Shake

Q. The Romans, trying to hold empire together against barbarian invaders, withdrew from England in ________A.D?

a)      390

b)      400

c)      410

d)      420

Q. Anglo-Saxon Literature, broadly speaking ranges from ________ to _______?

a)      7th to 11th Centuries

b)      6th to 10th Centuries

c)      8th to 12th Centuries

d)      5th to 9th Centuries

Q. Athelstan, King of Wessex and Mercia defeated the Scots at Brunanburh in _____?

a)      917

b)      927

c)      937

d)      947

Q. The year of Norman Conquest of England in the Battle of Hastings was:

a)      1066

b)      1068

c)      1070

d)      1072

Q. The year of the Battle of Lewes is ______?

a)      1264

b)      1364

c)      1464

d)      1564

Q. The reign of Henry II covers the period from ______?

a)      1144-89

b)      1134-79

c)      1144-79

d)      1154-89

Q. The reign of Edward I covers the period from ________?

a)      1279-1307

b)      1284-1311

c)      1289-1315

d)      1293-1319

Q. Edward III defeated the French at the Battle of Poitiers and the Battle of Crecy respectively in ____?

a)      1336 and 1346

b)      1338 and 1348

c)      1340 and 1350

d)      1342 and 1352

Q. Laurence Minot, the patriotic versifier belongs to the ________?

a)      13th century

b)      12th century

c)      14th century

d)      15th century