MCQs about The Prophet Muhammad PBUH

mcqs about prophet muhammad pbuh

In this post, you will learn most repeated MCQs about Prophet Muhammad PBUH. All the events during Prophet Muhammad PBUH are mentioned in these MCQs. Therefore, if you are going to appear in any test that is based on Multiple Choice Questions, then you must prepare yourself for this portion of repeated MCQs about Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

These MCQs about Prophet Muhammad PBUH can help you in the tests of Assistant Director, Assistant, Airport Security Officer, Custom Officer, Inland Revenue Officer, CSS, Junior Clark, Upper Division Clerk, etc. So, all the tests conducted by FPSC, BPSC, SPSC, PPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, PTS, etc may include these kind of MCQs. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for these MCQs before appearing in the exam hall.

Most Repeated MCQs about the Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

 Q. Prophet Muhammad PBUH stayed at Makkah for ____ years.

a)      10

b)      63

c)      53

d)      13

Q. Prophet Muhammad PBUH stayed at Madina for ______ years.

a)      63

b)      67

c)      10

d)      13

Q. Prophet Muhammad PBUH got first Wahi at the age of _____?

a)      35 years

b)     40 years

c)      45 years

d)      15 years

Q. The first Wahi was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in _____ AD.

a)      613

b)      612

c)      611

d)     610

Q. In the first Wahi, how many verses were revealed?

a)      7

b)      6

c)      5

d)      4

Q. _______ verified the Prophet Muhammad PBUH for the first time.

a)      Hazrat Abu Bakar

b)     Verqa Bin Naufal

c)      Hazrat Abu Talib

d)      Hazrat Khadija

Q. Verqa Bin Naufal was following the religion of ________?

a)      Hazrat Dawood AS

b)      Hazrat Suleman AS

c)      Hazrat Ibrahim AS

d)      Hazrat Mosa AS

Q. The first Wahi descended in ______ cave.

a)     Hira

b)      Thawr

c)      Uhud

d)      Arafat

Q. Cave of Hira is also known as ________.

a)      Jabal-e-Thawr

b)     Jabal-e-Noor

c)      Mountain of Safa and Marwa

d)      Mountain of Arafat

Q. The gap between the first and second Wahi was_____?

a)      15 days

b)      1 month

c)      3 month

d)     6 month

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