MCQs of Canterbury Tales

MCQs of Canterbury Tales are important mcqs of English Literature. If you are doing preparation for the test of lecturership, then you must go through these mcqs. It is the best way to prepare yourself for this poetry section i.e. MCQs of Canterbury Tales.
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Important MCQs of Canterbury Tales

1.       The exact number of pilgrims accompanying Chaucer on the way to Canterbury is……

a)        31

b)        30

c)        29

d)       32

2.       Tabard Inn was the place where the pilgrims stayed at night while traveling to Canterbury. Who was the host of the Inn?

a)        James Adam

b)        Geoffrey Andrew

c)        Harry Bailly

d)       William john

3.       There are some pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales that have previously served in the military. How many are they?

a)        12

b)        9

c)        6

d)       3

4.       The Ideal Characters for the courtly love exist in the tale of……

a)        Parson

b)        The Knight

c)        Prioress

d)       Monk

5.       The comic parody of courtly love has been presented in a tale. Which tale do you recall in your mind while discussing Canterbury Tales?

a)        The Wife of Bath’s tale

b)        The Prioress’ tale

c)        Nun’s Priest’s tale

d)       None

6.       Which is the recurring theme in the Canterbury Tales?

a)        Piety

b)        Sympathy

c)        Courtly love

d)       Hatred

7.       In the Canterbury Tales, the religious leaders have primarily been depicted as…..

a)        Pious

b)        Fraud

c)        Generous

d)       Caring

8.       Who sells the promises of forgiveness in the Canterbury Tales?

a)        Pardoner

b)        Friar

c)        Monk

d)       Squire

9.       Having read the Canterbury Tales, we come to know that Chaucer opposes corruption, not a church: for example the character of ….. has been well defined even it belongs to the church.

a)        Prioress

b)        Monk

c)        Parson

d)       Pardoner

10.  In the middle ages, people generally opt to set off for pilgrimage at the starting of. .…..that has been described at the beginning of the prologue of Canterbury Tales.

a)        Autumn

b)        Spring

c)        Summer

d)       Winter