MCQs of Current Affairs

mcqs of current affairs

It is the most important section of every test, so if you want to obtain the best score, you must practice the MCQs of Current Affairs. It can help you to cash 20 marks on all tests. Most of the time, examiners ask Daily Current Affairs MCQs in different tests of FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, and ITS.

These MCQs will be based on the daily current affairs of Pakistan, so one can say Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs are very important for all the candidates. All these pak mcqs current affairs are regularly made from specific regions such as Politics, Economics, Social, etc. However, if you want to practice MCQs of World Affairs, then you can also get Daily World Affairs MCQs.

You must try these current affairs solved mcqs because we assure one who practice these pak current affairs mcqs are easily qualifying their current affair portion in the paper. So, dont forget to practice them at least 3 times before appearing in the hall.

Daily MCQs of Current Affairs

Q. An Accountability court on Thursday 7th March, 2024, suspended the arrest warrant of ___________in the Al-Aziza, Flagship and Avenfield cases.

a)      Hasan Nawaz

b)      Hussain Nawaz

c)      Both a and b

d)      NOT

Q. A Pakistani IT company hosted its first-ever Sustainable Energy Summit at one of the world’s largest connectivity events called __________?

a)     Mobile World Congress (MWC)

b)      World Congress for Mobile (WCM)

c)      World Authority Congress (WCM)

d)      World Technology Congress (WTC)

Q. A Pakistani IT company hosted its first-ever Sustainable Energy Summit in _________?

a)      Abu Dhabi

b)      Sydney

c)      San Francisco

d)     Barcelona

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