Most Repeated Boundaries in the World

most repeated boundaries in the world

In this piece of information, you will come to know the most repeated boundaries in the world. Most of the time, students know about it but can’t memorize the important borders between two nations. However, we have provided here all the important international borders which are being asked repeatedly in FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, ITS, etc.

Apart from this, you can also practice the important international borders MCQs in Quiz form at the end of this post. So, don’t forget to practice it thrice before appearing in the exam.

MCQs of Repeated Boundaries in the World

1.      The border between South Vietnam and North Vietnam is called ___________?

a.      49th Parallel

b.      38th Parallel

c.      17th Parallel

d.      McMahon Line

2.      The international line between Iran and Iraq is ________________________.

a.      20th Parallel

b.     31st Parallel

c.      49th Parallel

d.      Durand Line

3.      Which of the following border line is used for Libya and Soda?

a.      31st Parallel

b.      Radcliffe Line

c.      Blue Line

d.     20th Parallel

4.      The border between Pakistan and India is __________________.

a.      Mannerheim Line

b.     Radcliffe Line

c.      Durand Line

d.      47th Parallel

5.      The border Hindenburg Line is used between_____________?

a.      China and India

b.      Pakistan and Afghanistan

c.      Poland and Germany

d.      The USA and Canada

6.      The Maginot Line is a defensive line used as the border between_________?

a.      Germany and France

b.      USA and Canada

c.      Russia and Finland

d.      China and India

7.      The border (defensive line) used between France and Germany is ___________.

a.      Blue Line

b.      Attila Line

c.      Siegfried Line

d.      Green Line

8.      The Oder-Neisse Line is the border used between _____________________.

a.      Russia and Finland

b.     Poland and Germany

c.      Germany and France

d.      China and India

9.      The McMahon Line is a border between __________________________.

a.      China and India

b.      Pakistan and Afghanistan

c.      Lebanon and Israel

d.      France and Germany

10.   The border line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is ______________.

a.      Radcliffe Line

b.      McMahon Line

c.      Durand Line

d.      38th Parallel

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