Repeated Parliaments of Countries

repeated parliaments of countries

It’s the most repeated section of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in different competitive exams. If you’re going to appear in a competitive exam, you must practice the MCQs of repeated parliaments of countries. You may easily cash one or two marks in all competitive exams if you practice them twice or thrice. It can also help you in new FIA Jobs, Social Security Jobs, and all FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS tests.

Once you go through these MCQs, then you may also practice them in Quiz form at the end. You’ll really enjoy your exam when you have knowledge about all topics that are asked by the examiner. MCQs Platform has covered almost all sections that are common in all tests. So, don’t forget to practice before appearing in the exam hall.

MCQs of Repeated Parliaments of Countries

1.      What is the parliament name of Saudi Arabia?

a.      National Parliament

b.      Shora

c.      Majlis Al-Shura

d.      Majilis

2.      Grand National Assembly is the name of _______ parliament.

a.      Romania

b.     Turkey

c.      Russia

d.      Spain

3.      What’s the name of Pakistan’s Parliament?

a.      National Parliament

b.      Senate & Chamber of Deputies

c.      National Assembly & Senate

d.      The Congress

4.      Cortes is the parliament name of _________.

a.      Poland

b.      Romania

c.      Taiwan

d.     Spain

5.      Afghanistan’s Parliament is ____________.

a.      Shora

b.      People’s Assembly

c.      General Council

d.      National Congress

6.      What’s the parliament name of Bahrain?

a.      Melli Majlis

b.     Consultative Council

c.      Tsogdu

d.      General Assembly

7.      House of Common and House of Lords is the parliament name of _________.

a.      Bhutan

b.      Cambodia

c.      Britain

d.      Canada

8.      Name the parliament of Cuba_____.

a.      Constituent Assembly

b.      Folketing

c.      Sabor

d.     National Assembly of People’s Power

9.      The Parliament name of India is __________.

a.      Oireachtas

b.     Sansad

c.      Althing

d.      Bundestag

10.   Iran has ________ parliament.

a.      Majlis

b.      National Assembly

c.      The Knesset

d.      Diet

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