MCQs of Income Tax

MCQs of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 are available for the students who are preparing for Inspector Inland Revenue. You can check these MCQs day by day. We will upload in parts, and these are the important MCQs of Income Tax Ordinance 2001. So, it will help if you practice them at least thrice before appearing in the test. We have also uploaded these same mcqs in shape of Quiz of Income Tax Ordinance. So, you may practice these quizzes until you get great remarks. Apart from this, we will try to upload these mcqs on regular basis, so don’t forget to check it regularly until its completion.

Income Tax MCQs

1.       Income Tax Ordinance 2001 was promulgated on __________?

a.       1st July

b.      13 September

c.       1st June

d.      31st July


2.       Income Tax Ordinance 2001 became effective from ___________?

a.       1st July 2001

b.      13 September 2001

c.       1st July 2002

d.      1st June 2001


3.       How many chapters are there in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

a.       6

b.      10

c.       11

d.      13


4.       __________ sections in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

a.       49

b.      76

c.       24

d.      242


5.       There are _______ schedules in Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

a.       4

b.      13

c.       7

d.      14


6.       Income Tax Ordinance 2001 extends to __________?

a.       Punjab

b.      Sindh

c.       Whole Pakistan

d.      KPK


7.       Chapter one of Income Tax Ordinance deals with _____?

a.       Miscellaneous

b.      Preliminary

c.       Tax on taxable income

d.      NOT


8.       Chapter third of Income Tax Ordinance discusses about_________?

a.       Tax on taxable income

b.      Charge of tax

c.       Common rules

d.      NOT


9.       There are __________ heads of Income?

a.       3

b.      4

c.       5

d.      6


10.   Heads of income are discussed in which chapter of Income Tax Ordinance 2001?

a.       1st

b.      2nd

c.       3rd

d.      4th

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