Tax Administration Reforms in Pakistan MCQs

MCQs of Tax Administration Reforms in Pakistan is the section which is given in the syllabus of Inspector Inland Revenue. If you are looking for important MCQs of TARP then you should go through it. It will help you in qualifying this section of test of Inspector Inland Revenue. Similarly, you may also practice it in quiz form.

MCQs of Tax Administration Reforms in Pakistan

1.       TARP stands for ___________

a.       Tax Addition and Revival Program

b.      Tax Audit and Revenue Program

c.       Tax Administration and Revenue Program

d.      Tax Administration Reforms Pakistan


2.       Who brought the tax reforms mission in Pakistan?

a.       World Bank

b.      USA

c.       IMF

d.      NOT


3.       When IMF visited Pakistan for its mission to suggest tax reforms in Pakistan

a.       August 2010

b.      August 2001

c.       August 1999

d.      August 2000


4.       Low tax to GDP ratio means________?

a.       High tax over few domestic products

b.      More domestic products but low tax over them

c.       Both a and b

d.      NOT


5.       Which executive committee gave the approval of TARP?

a.       Executive Committee of National Earning Council (ECNEC)

b.      Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC)

c.       Executive Committee of National Exclusive Committee (ECNEC)

d.      NOT


6.       The budget allocated for TARP was?

a.       Rs 6473 million

b.      Rs 9501 million

c.       Rs 7530

d.      NOT


7.       LTU stands for _______________?

a.       Low Tax Unit (LTU)

b.      Large Tax Unit (LTU)

c.       Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU)

d.      NOT


8.       RTO stands for ____________?

a.       Revised Tax Orders

b.      Regional Tax Office

c.       Regional Taxing Orders

d.      NOT


9.       How many RTO were established under TARP?

a.       37

b.      27

c.       57

d.      19


10.   How many software were launched under TARP?

a.       2

b.      3

c.       4

d.      6