MCQs about Asia Cup

mcqs about asia cup

Do you know when Asia Cup is played? If you don’t know, then the examiner may ask these MCQs of Asia Cup like in previous exams. So, you must practice these MCQs of General Knowledge before appearing in the exam hall. It may be asked in the test of Assistant Director Investigation, a test of Inspector Investigation, a test of Assistant, a test of IB, a test of a security officer, etc., conducted by FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.

Apart from that, if you are preparing for the CSS, PMS, and PCS screening test, you should practice these MCQs. You can secure good marks one by one in all the aspects provided by the MCQs Platform.

Important MCQs about Asia Cup

Q. The Asia Cup is organized under __________?

a)     ACC

b)      IPL

c)      PSL

d)      NOT

Q. When Asian Cricket Council was established_____?

a)      1986

b)      1985

c)      1984

d)     1983

Q. When first Asia Cup was played?

a)      1983

b)     1984

c)      1986

d)      1998

Q. Who was the winner of the First Asia Cup?

a)      Sri Lanka

b)     India

c)      Bangladesh

d)      Pakistan

Q. Who was the runner-up in the First Asia Cup?

a)      Pakistan

b)     Sri Lanka

c)      Bangladesh

d)      NOT

Q. In Asia Cup, ________ tournament is/are played.

a)      One Day (50 Overs)

b)      Twenty20 (20 Overs)

c)      Both a and b

d)      NOT

Q. It is decided to play ___________ tournament every time.

a)     Alternatively i.e. twenty 20 and One Day

b)      One Day

c)      Twenty 20

d)      NOT

Q. Where first Asia Cup was played?

a)      Colombo

b)      Calcutta

c)      Sharjah

d)      Karachi

Q. Who hosted the first Asia Cup?

a)      Sri Lanka

b)      Pakistan

c)      UAE

d)      India

Q. When last Asia Cup was played?

a)      2014

b)      2016

c)      2018

d)     2022

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