National Highways in Pakistan

National Highways in Pakistan is an important topic for General Intelligence Tests. If you are preparing for MCQs of GK then you must prepare these MCQs of National Highways. These MCQs of National Highways can be asked in the test of Inspector Investigation, Assistant Director Investigation test, FIA test, Municipal officer test, Town officer test, CSS MPT test, Screening test, FPSC tests, Assistant tests, etc.

We would like to instruct you to watch this video of all operational National Highways in Pakistan first then you must practice these MCQs of National Highways. Similarly, you may also practice these question in quiz shape at the end of these MCQs. Apart from this, if you havent gone through the MCQs of Motorways then you may also practice the MCQs of Motorway.

MCQs of National Highways in Pakistan

1. What is the route of the National Highway (N-5)?
a. Karachi – Torkham
b. Karachi – Gwadar
c. Karachi – Chaman
d. Hyderabad – Khokhrapar

2. What is the total length of the N-5 National Highway?
a. 220 km
b. 1819 km
c. 813 km
d. 1300 km

3. Name the longest National Highway in Pakistan?
a. N-60
b. N-80
c. N-155
d. N-5

4. Name the national highway that route extends from Karachi to Gwadar?
a. N-25
b. N-35
c. N-10
d. N-75

5. N-10 is the National Highway which extends _______?
a. Karachi – Gwadar
b. Karachi – Torkham
c. Islamabad – Kohala
d. Larkana – Mohenjo Daro

6. What is the length of the N-10 National Highway?
a. 28 Km
b. 220 km
c. 653 km
d. 1300 km

7. Which National Highway is also known as Makran Costal Highway?
a. N-5
b. N-155
c. N-10
d. N-120

8. ____________ is the National Highway that extends from Karachi to Chaman?
a. N-5
b. N-10
c. N-15
d. N-25

9. Karachi to Chaman National Highway has a total length_____?
a. 1267 km
b. 914 km
c. 813 km
d. 185 km

10. Which national highway is also known as Karakoram Highway?
a. N-35
b. N-25
c. N-15
d. N-5