Difference Between National Highway and Motorway

It seems you are preparing for General Intelligence Tests, then this piece of information is for you. You may know difference between National Highway and Motorway. FPSC, PPSC, PCS and other provincial services that conduct general intelligence test may ask questions regarding the national highwya and motorway in Pakistan.

If you read this piece of information about all the motorways and national highways, then you may secure one mark in these general intelligence based tests. So, let me tell you that if you would like to learn the exact difference between national highway and motorway then you must watch the video and then practice all these MCQs of National Highway and Motorway. In this manner, you may cover one MCQs of GK. All the students who would like to prepare MCQs of General Knowledge they must practice this section of General Knowledge i.e. National Highway and Motorway. Once you through all these MCQs of Motorway then you may practice them in quiz for at the end. 

MCQs of National Highway and Motorway

1. Name the Motorway between Peshawar and Islamabad?
a. M-9
b. M-6
c. M-3
d. M-1

2. What is the total length of the M-1 Motorway?
a. 155 km
b. 367 km
c. 230 km
d. 392 km

3. M-2 is the Motorway and its route is___?
a. Multan to Sukkur
b. Pindi Bhattia
c. Islamabad to Lahore
d. Lahore to Abdul Hakeem

4. Which of the following Motorway has total length 367?
a. M-8
b. M-4
c. M-2
d. M-1

5. Lahore to Abdul Hakeem Motorway is tagged as _____?
a. M-1
b. M-2
c. M-3
d. M-4

6. What is the total length of M-3?
a. 230 km
b. 309 km
c. 392 km
d. 136 km

7. Name the motorway between Pindi Bhattian to Multan?
a. M-3
b. M-4
c. M-5
d. M-6

8. What is the total length of M-4?
a. 155 km
b. 309 km
c. 136 km
d. 392 km

9. Multan to Sukkur Motorway is tagged as____?
a. M-6
b. M-5
c. M-4
d. M-11

10. Which is the longest operational motorway in Pakistan?
a. M-3
b. M-5
c. M-7
d. M-9