Unpopular Essays by Bernard Russell

In English Prose, Unpopular Essays by Bernard Russell has occupied its big state i.e. a prose book. All those students who are doing Masters in English can practice the most important multiple choice questions on Unpopular Essays by Bernard Russell. Apart from it, candidates who are appearing in competitive exams for English Lecturer post or PMS, CSS, PCS can practice them in Quiz form at the end of this post.

MCQs of Unpopular Essays by Bernard Russell

1. The unpopular essays in reality are very popular that are comprehended even by an/a ……..

A) Common man

B) Layman

C) Ignorant

D) Uneducated

2. While giving an introduction to Hegel’s philosophy, Russell says that Hegel considers free speech a/an….?

A) Evil

B) Blessing

C) Problem

D) Basic right

3. In his essay, “Philosophy and Politics”, Russell detest the idea of absolute……

A) Freedom

B) Liberty

C) Power

D) Monarchy

4. Russel says that…… philosophy advocates wedging war.

A) Locke’s

B) Shakespeare’s

C) Hegel’s

D) Darwin’s

5. Russel supports Locke’s philosophy that favors religious……., and check and balance in government institutions.

A) Unity

B) Tolerance

C) Force

D) Authority

6. In the essay,” Philosophy for Laymen”, Russel says that philosophy means love for…..

A) Wisdom

B) Thinking

C) Practice

D) Justice

7. Russell thinks that…… is close to science on the one hand and to religion on the other hand.

A) Research

B) Possibility

C) Certainty

D) Philosophy

8. Russell says it is a question of everlasting interest” Do we……… after death?”

A) Perish

B) Survive

C) Reproduce

D) Bury

9. Philosophy adds to the value of man as human and…….

A) Animal

B) Subject

C) Citizen

D) Creature

10. In his essay” The Future of Mankind”, Russell says that a world government can establish an everlasting…….

A) War

B) Peace

C) Prosperity

D) Destruction
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