First in the World

first in the world

Learn all important mcqs about First in the World like first shuttle space in the world, first satellite launched, first test-tube baby, first railway line, oldest monarchy, smallest country in the world, etc. All these important mcqs about First in the world will help you in qualifying tests of FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, ITS.  

Therefore, if you would like to qaulify the tests of FIA, tests of Ministry of Defense, tests of Security Officer, tests of Anti Narcotics, etc then dont forget to memorize these MCQs. Apart from this, you may also practice these same MCQs in Quiz shape then you can practice them at the end of these MCQs.  

MCQs of First In The World

Which of the following is the oldest Monarchy in the world?

a)      Japan

b)      Russia

c)       Nepal

d)      Britain

Who was the first woman in the space?

a)      Bachandari Pal

b)      Jumbo Tabei

c)       Sally Ride

d)      Valentina Tereshkova

The country which has the briefest constitution in the world?

a)      China

b)      Japan

c)       England

d)      France

Select the first man-made object to leave the solar system?

a)      Voyager-2

b)      Voyager-3

c)       Mariner-2

d)      Mariner-3

Who was/were the first observatory____?

a)      Royal Observatory Greenwhich, England

b)      Rundetaam, Cophenhagen, Denmark

c)       Janta Mantar, Delhi, India

d)      NOT

In which year, the first expedition to Mount Everest was done?

a)      1950

b)      1852

c)       1953

d)      1853

Select the smallest country in the world:

a)      Cuba

b)      Vatican City State

c)       Nepal

d)      Congo

Which of the following lake is the highest navigable lake in the world?

a)      Victoria

b)      Titicaca

c)       Superior

d)      Monaj

Name the country which has developed world’s first seedless mango?

a)      United States

b)      China

c)       India

d)      Britain

The world’s largest deposit of cosmic dust has been discovered in___.

a)      Denmark

b)      Greenland

c)       Australia

d)      NOT

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