Functions of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

Functions of Federal Board of Revenue are essential to qualify the test of Inspector Inland Revenue. If you are preparing for the test of Inspector Inland Revenue, you should not forget to command over functions of FBR.

This section is comprised of MCQs on the following categories of FBR:

  • Genesis of revenue system in Pakistan
  • Definitions
  • Establishment of board
  • Members of FBR
  • Necessary sections of FBR
  • Functions
  • Miscellaneous

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MCQs of Functions of Federal Board of Revenue

1.       When Central Board of Revenue (CBR) was established?

a.       24 April

b.      1st June

c.       1st April

d.      24 June

2.       Central Board of Revenue became the Federal Board of Revenue by the enactment of FBR Act 2007 in _______________?

a.       April, 2007

b.      June, 2007

c.       July, 2007

d.      NOT

3.       A full-fledged revenue division was established under _________ in _________?

a.       Indian Act, 1940

b.      British Act, 1944

c.       State Bank of Pakistan, 1960

d.      Ministry of Finance, 1944

4.       When CBR was made attached department of the Finance Ministry?

a.       1944

b.      1974

c.       1991

d.      1998

5.       In ____________ revenue division was abolished and CBR was reverted back to the pre 1991 position.

a.       1985

b.      1995

c.       2005

d.      NOT

6.       Who is the executive head of the board (FBR)?

a.       Commissioner Appeal

b.      Commissioner Inland Revenue

c.       Chairman

d.      NOT

7.       Chairman FBR is ____________________________?

a.       Executive head of the board

b.      Secretary of the revenue division

c.       Both a and b

d.      NOT

8.       Board means the central board of revenue established under the CBR Act _____?

a.       1998

b.      1924

c.       2005

d.      2007

9.       FBR extends to ________________?

a.       Federal Level

b.      Provincial level

c.       Whole Pakistan

d.      NOT

10.   Central Board of Revenue Act 1924 was replaced by _________?

a.       Provincial Revenue Board 2005

b.      British Revenue System 1927

c.       Federal Board of Revenue ACT 2007

d.      NOT