Most Repeated Synonyms in FPSC Tests

Most of the candidates get confused about the vocabulary. However, we have tried our best to provide you with the most repeated synonyms in FPSC tests in this post. If you are going to appear in any exam of FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, PTS, etc., then you must memorize these synonyms. Once you memorize this vocabulary of FPSC tests, you can easily secure 20 marks in most tests.

Apart from this, these same synonyms can be practiced in quiz form at the end of this post. So, when you go through these synonyms, you can easily practice them regularly. I hope these most repeated synonyms in FPSC tests will also help you in other provincial tests too.

Repeated Synonyms Asked by FPSC Examiners

Q. Ubiquitous:

a)      Scarce

b)     Present everywhere

c)      Unique

d)      Limited

Q. Pernicious:

a)      Beneficial

b)     Harmful

c)      Lucid

d)      Fervent

Q. Mellifluous:

a)      Grating

b)     Smooth and sweet-sounding

c)      Dissonant

d)      Discordant

Q. Ephemeral:

a)      Enduring

b)      Eternal

c)      Short-lived

d)      Persistent

Q. Astute:

a)      Indifferent

b)      Pensive

c)      Stupid

d)     Insightful

Q. Enthrall:

a)      Bore

b)      Captivate

c)      Fascinate

d)      Disinterest

Q. Sycophant

a)      Admirer

b)      Advocate

c)      Critic

d)     Flatterer

Q. Assuage:

a)      Aggravate

b)      Intensify

c)      Soothe

d)     Alleviate

Q. Reticent:

a)      Talkative

b)      Loquacious

c)      Vocal

d)     Reserved

Q. Incessant:

a)      Sporadic

b)      Intermittent

c)      Persistent

d)      Halted