Important MCQs about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Most of the time, the examiner asks about the most famous personalities of Pakistan who struggled for Muslims of the sub-continent and Pakistan. So, we have tried our level best to provide you with all important MCQs about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. 
If you would like to qualify for intelligence-based tests conducted by FPSC, you must practice these MCQs and secure marks.

Most of the students get confused that how they can prepare for the test of FIA, the test of IB, the test of Inspector Custom, the test of Assistant Director, etc., then they should prepare themself from our website. We have provided all kinds of MCQs based on research from the previous papers. You can also find MCQs about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in quiz form at the end of this post. 

MCQs about Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born?

(a)1816 AD 

(b) 1815 AD

(c) 1814 AD

(d) 1817 AD

What was the father’s name of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan?

(a) Syed Muhammad Muttaqi

(b) Syed Muhammad Nadvi

(c) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim

(d) Syed Muhammad Rehmat

Mark the place where Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born.

(a) Agra

(b) Madras

(c) Bengal

(d) Delhi

Who was the first leader to expound the idea that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations?

(a) Quaid e Azam

(b) Allama Muhammad Iqbal

(c) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(d) Mehmood ul Hassan

When did Sir Syed Ahmed Khan find the “Scientific Society”?

(a) 1857 AD

(b) 1864 AD

(c) 1862 AD

(d) 1866 AD

Name the place where Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up a scientific society.

(a) Ghazi Pur

(b) Delhi

(c) Bengal

(d) Madras

From which of the following language the Scientific society translated the modern work?

(a) Urdu to English

(b) English to Urdu

(c) Arabic to English

(d) Persian to Urdu

When did the Scientific society publish a journal?

(a) 1866 AD

(b) 1872 AD

(c) 1886 AD

(d) 1888 AD

In which year, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan went to England?

(a) 1867 AD

(b) 1869 AD

(c) 1871 AD

(d) 1873 AD

Do you know how many years Sir Syed Ahmed Khan stayed in England?

(a) 1 year

(b) 2 years

(c) 3 years

(d) 4 years

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