Most Repeated Antonyms in FPSC Tests

most repeated antonyms in fpsc tests

If you would like to qualify for all the tests of FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, ITS, etc then you must out your flaws. You should check out the weak areas. Most of the students qualify for the Intelligence-based portion but can’t qualify English portion. Therefore, we have provided you here with the most repeated antonyms in FPSC tests. It follows all kinds of tests like Inspector, Assistant Director, Assistant, CSS, PCS, PMS, UDC, LDC, etc.

So, if you would like to qualify English portion, then you must memorize these repeated Antonyms. Apart from this, you can also check the most repeated synonyms in FPSC tests.  

Repeated Antonyms in FPSC Tests

Q. Zest:

a)      Pleasure

b)      Relish

c)      Reluctance

d)      Guest

Q. Loyalty:

a)     Betrayal

b)      Soft

c)      Allegiance

d)      Congealed

Q. Mendacity:

a)      Exception

b)      Gist

c)      Truthfulness

d)      Restore

Q. Noble:

a)      Exalted

b)      Hard

c)      Common

d)      Grand

Q. Smear:

a)      Plaster

b)      Daub

c)      Mediate

d)     Polish

Q. Tautology:

a)      Repetition

b)     Brevity

c)      Vacuity

d)      Slavery

Q. Wile:

a)      Art

b)      Guile

c)      Resign

d)     Artlessness

Q. Obscene:

a)     Decent

b)      Indecent

c)      Lewd

d)      Affair

Q. Pusillanimity:

a)     Magnanimity

b)      Timidity

c)      Blunt

d)      Restore

Q. Reticence:

a)      Discretion

b)     Frankness

c)      Report

d)      Order