AD FIA Past Paper 2009 Islamiat

It is very important for all students to go through all the past papers of Assistant Director FIA. It provides all the ideas regarding the areas an examiner ask in the question papers. Similarly, we have solved AD FIA Past Paper 2009 Islamiat. These are the important MCQs of Islamiat which are present in the test of Assistant Director Investigation. All these MCQs of AD FIA Past Paper 2009 Islamiat are solved for you.

Apart from it, you will watch the examiner ask questions in all tests of FIA. So, you should prepare these MCQs not only for the post of Assistant Director FIA but you must memorize these MCQs for the test of FIA Sub Inspector, FIA Inspector, etc. You can also learn all important and repeated MCQs of Islamic Studies at our YouTube Channel MCQs Platform.

solved past papers of assistant director fia

Past Paper of Assistant Director FIA 2009

First Ghazwa (battle) took place between Muslims and Kuffar is?

a)     Abawa

b)      Badr

c)      Khundaq

d)      Tabook

How many mosques are mentioned in the Quran?

a)      3

b)     5

c)      10

d)      15

How many Manazil are in the Holy Quran?

a)      10

b)      8

c)      15

d)     7

When did Holy Prophet (SAW) go to perform Hajj?

a)     10th Hijri

b)      9th Hijri

c)      11th Hijri

d)      8th Hijri

When was Hajj made compulsory?

a)     9th Hijri

b)      10th Hijri

c)      11th Hijri

d)      8th Hijri

When was the Qibla changed?

a)     2nd Hijri

b)      3rd Hijri

c)      4th Hijri

d)      1st Hijri

Ghazwa Khyber was fought between__?

a)     Muslim and Jews

b)      Muslim and Christian

c)      Muslim and non Muslim of Medina

d)      Muslim and Hindus

Battle of “Mutah” was fought between__?

a)      Muslim and Jews

b)     Muslim and Romans

c)      Muslim and Quraysh

d)      Muslim and false prophets

When does Haji travel to Mina?

a)      2nd Zil Hajj

b)      5th Zil Hajj

c)      8th Zil Hajj

d)      9th Zil Hajj

What is Arafat___?

a)      Plain

b)     Mountain

c)      Forest

d)      Desert

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