Famous Oceans of the World

famous oceans of the world

If you are going to appear in FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, NTS, CTS, OTS, and other intelligence-based tests then you must have knowledge about General Knowledge. Therefore, Famous Oceans of the World is the most important topic in general knowledge. You should go through all these given MCQs which are repeatedly asked by the examiners in the General Knowledge portion.

Apart from it, you can also practice these MCQs in Quiz Form at the end of these MCQs. If you practice these Quiz three time, then you will never forget these Quiz.

Most Repeated MCQs of Famous Oceans of the World

Name the ocean which was called as Bahr-e-Zulamat by Allama Muhammad Iqbal?

a)      Arabic Ocean

b)      India Ocean

c)       Pacific Ocean

d)      Atlantic Ocean

Name the second largest ocean in the world.

a)      Indian Ocean

b)      Pacific Ocean

c)       Atlantic Ocean

d)      Arctic Ocean

If the average depth of the Arctic Ocean is 1300 m. What would be the maximum depth of this ocean?

a)      5450m

b)      8450m

c)       6450m

d)      7450m

What is the total area of the Indian Ocean?

a)      93 Million Sq. Km

b)      83 Million Sq. Km

c)       63 Million Sq. Km

d)      73 Million Sq. Km

How much area is covered by the Pacific Ocean?

a)      166 Million Sq. Km

b)      266 Million Sq. Km

c)       466 Million Sq. Km

d)      366 Million Sq. Km

How much area of the earth is covered by water?

a)      90

b)      60

c)       71

d)      80

What is the total area of covered by all oceans?

a)      361100000 sq. Km

b)      811100000 sq. Km

c)       523100000 sq. Km

d)      461100000 sq. Km

Which is the deepest place in the Indian Ocean?

a)      Puerto Rico Trench

b)      Isle Trench

c)       Sunda Trench

d)      Mariana Trench

Chile has the longest shore along:

a)      Black Sea

b)      Atlantic Sea

c)       Mediterranean Sea

d)      Pacific Ocean

Which one of the following is the deepest ocean in the world?

a)      Pacific

b)      Atlantic

c)       Indian

d)      Arctic

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