MCQs of Mortality and Life Expectancy

mcqs of mortality and life expectancy

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Repeated MCQs of Mortality and Life Expectancy

1.      The country with the highest mortality rate is _________.

a.      Serbia

b.      Romania

c.      Afghanistan

d.      China

2.      The country with the lowest mortality rate is _________.

a.      Japan

b.     Qatar

c.      Egypt

d.      USA

3.      Name the country with the highest infant mortality rate.

a.      Somalia

b.      Niger

c.      Angola

d.     Afghanistan

4.      Which of the following country has the lowest infant mortality rate?

a.      Finland

b.      Monaco

c.      Slovenia

d.      Singapore

5.      The country with the highest life expectancy is____________.

a.      Singapore

b.      Canada

c.      Andorra

d.     Monaco

6.      Name the country with the lowest life expectancy.

a.      Congo

b.      South Sudan

c.      Somalia

d.     Afghanistan

7.      Current World death rate per 1,000 people is____.

a.      5.7

b.      6.3

c.      8.4

d.      9.1

8.      What is the mortality rate in Pakistan?

a.      9 per 1000 people

b.      11.2 per 1000 people

c.      7 per 1000 people

d.      8.5 per 1000 people

9.      What is the number 1 cause of mortality in the world?

a.      Cancer

b.     Cardio Vascular Disease

c.      Renal Failure

d.      NOT

10.   What is India’s death rate (crude death)?

a.      7.1 per 1000 people

b.      8.2 per 1000 people

c.      9.1 per 1000 people

d.      10.2 per 1000 people

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