Most Important MCQs about Oedipus Rex

most important mcqs about oedipus rex

The course content of English Literature varies from one institute to another. However, we have tried to include dramas of every period. Oedipus Rex is one of the most important classical and medieval dramas of English Literature. You may practice these most important MCQs about Oedipus Rex.

If you are going to appear in any competitive exam for your degree course or the purpose of the job, then you must practice all these important MCQs about Oedipus Rex. You may easily qualify for the test with the help of these MCQs of Oedipus Rex.

Most Repeated MCQs of Oedipus Rex

Q.1  Who is the author of “Oedipus Rex”?

a)      Euripides

b)      Sophocles

c)      Aeschylus

d)      Aristophanes

Q.2  Who is the king of Thebes at the beginning of the play?

a)      Creon

b)      Oedipus

c)      Laius

d)      Polybus

Q.3  Who is Oedipus’ wife?

a)      Jocasta

b)      Antigone

c)      Ismene

d)      Eurydice

Q.4  What is the primary setting of “Oedipus Rex”?

a)      Corinth

b)      Delphi

c)      Thebes

d)      Athens

Q.5  Who did Oedipus unknowingly kill, fulfilling part of the prophecy?

a)      Creon

b)      Teiresias

c)      Laius

d)      Polybus

Q.6  What is the name of Oedipus’ adoptive father?

a)      Laius

b)      Polybus

c)      Creon

d)      Merope

Q.7  Which blind prophet reveals the truth to Oedipus?

a)      Creon

b)      Apollo

c)      Sphinx

d)      Teiresias

Q.8  What riddle did Oedipus solve to become the king of Thebes?

a)      The riddle of the Oracle

b)      The riddle of Delphi

c)      The riddle of the Sphinx

d)      The riddle of the Fates

Q.9  What plague is afflicting Thebes at the start of the play?

a)      Famine

b)      Earthquake

c)      Pestilence

d)      War

Q.10  Who does Oedipus initially believe is plotting against him?

a)      Creon

b)      Teiresias

c)      Jocasta

d)      The shepherd

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