PPSC Junior Clerk 27 August 2023

ppsc junior clerk

In this post, you will learn all about the PPSC Junior Clerk Test MCQs. So, if you are going to practice them, then you may get help in your upcoming tests of PPSC junior clerk, upper division clerk and all other test of PPSC, FPSC, BPSC, SPSC, etc. 
Note: These mcqs of Junior Clerk Test are told by the candidates who went to attempt the test. However, all these questions are tried to set in sequence as asked in the test of PPSC Junior Clerk. 
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Q. What is the meaning of Side With?

a)     Acknowledge

b)      Dispute

c)      Refuse

d)      Differ

Q. What is the meaning of come up with?

a)      Different argument

b)     Produce an answer

c)      Mix up with

d)      NOT

Q. What is the meaning of be all ears?

a)      An ability to recognize

b)     Waiting with interest to hear

c)      To be forced to leave

d)      Talkative

Q. What is the meaning of between the devil and the deep blue sea?

a)      Division between two people

b)      Very rarely

c)      To scream loudly

d)     Between two uncertain conditions

Q. An adjective modifies _______?

a)      Verb

b)      Adjective

c)      Noun

d)      Interjection

Q. What is the antonym of detest?

a)      Abhor

b)      Loathe

c)      Down on

d)     Like

Q. What is the synonym of amble?

a)      Stay

b)     Walk

c)      Run

d)      Deprive

Q. The student learn poem __________ heart?

a)      With

b)      Through

c)      On

d)     By

Q. The teacher gave a homework _________ end of lesson.

a)      In

b)      By

c)      At

d)      On

Q. Which parts of speech joint two clauses?

a)      Interjection

b)      Pronoun

c)      Conjunction

d)      Noun

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